Schumer: Trump shutdown plan made in 'bad faith'

Friday, January 18, 2019, Vol. 43, No. 3

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer says President Donald Trump did not propose a "good faith" proposal to end the government shutdown.

The New York senator said Tuesday that Trump's offer to protect some immigrants from deportation in exchange for $5.7 billion from Congress to build the border wall with Mexico is "one-sided, harshly partisan and was made in bad faith."

Senate Democrats are expected to reject the measure when it comes to a vote later this week as the shutdown drags on.

Now in its 32nd day, the shutdown has left some 800,000 federal workers facing another Friday without paychecks.

Schumer says the White House wasn't "seriously negotiating" with Democrats. He says Trump's immigration proposals do not reflect earlier bipartisan efforts.

He says, "That's not 'The Art of the Deal.'"