House GOP caucus meets behind closed doors, defends decision

Friday, August 23, 2019, Vol. 43, No. 34

NASHVILLE (AP) — Tennessee House Republican members are defending holding a recent private meeting, arguing that the matters discussed behind closed doors did not pertain to state business.

House Majority Leader William Lamberth defended the decision to close the meeting on Thursday. Lamberth says the meeting did not address policy or legislation. He also said many other states bar the public and media from attending caucus meetings.

Earlier Thursday, a portion of the meeting was open to the media during the election of a new caucus chairman. Shortly after the new chairman was announced, reporters were asked to leave.

The GOP House caucus met privately for nearly an hour and a half. Lamberth and other members declined to say what was discussed.

Republicans have a supermajority control in both the House and Senate.