Week 1 NFL predictions

Friday, September 6, 2019, Vol. 43, No. 36

Here’s a look at our Week 1 predictions as the NFL begins its 100th season.

Canton Bulldogs 20, Decatur Staleys 14. OK, that’s going back a little too far. Let’s try it again.

Packers 21, Bears 17: Matt LaFleur’s debut goes well against a tough Chicago defense. Let’s see how long it lasts before he and Aaron Rodgers are feuding.

Browns 23, Titans 21: Maybe the Browns live up to the hype. With the Titans, there are lots of questions.

Vikings 27, Falcons 24: The Vikings should be better in year two under Kirk Cousins – if only because they couldn’t be much worse than last year. The Falcons had lots of offense, very little defense a year ago. Let’s see if that changes.

Jets 14, Bills 13: Good thing this one is played in week one when both teams are still playing for something rather than looking at next year’s draft.

Ravens 22, Dolphins 14: The Dolphins are starting Ryan Fitzpatrick, who could light it up for 400 yards and 4 touchdowns – or 4 interceptions. Lamar Jackson has a lot to learn, but he’s facing the Phins.

Rams 28, Panthers 23: Long cross-country trip for the Rams, but maybe their high-powered offense that was lost in their Super Bowl luggage has been found.

Chiefs 31, Jaguars 24: Kansas City picks up where it left off last year. Even the Jaguars’ vaunted defense has a hard time catching up to them.

Seahawks 34, Bengals 20: Seahawks celebrate their theft of Jadeveon Clowney from Houston with a big win.

Bucs 21, 49ers 20: Battle of the question mark quarterbacks, as Jameis Winston edges out Jimmy Garoppolo.

Eagles 30, Redskins 19: Redskins rookie QB Dwayne Haskins isn’t ready, so the Skins will go with Case Keenum. That said, the Eagles have a decided edge.

Chargers 31, Colts 20: Andrew Luck’s retirement took the luster off this week 1 matchup. I’m not sold on Jacoby Brissett, but the Colts don’t have much choice.

Cowboys 20, Giants 13: Everyone says the Giants will be bad. The Cowboys might not be great without Ezekiel Elliott as well. But they should be good enough Sunday.

Lions 24, Cardinals 10: See Jets vs. Bills above.

Patriots 30, Steelers 23: Big Ben is good, but hard to go against Tom Brady.

Saints 34, Texans 20: General manager? Who needs a general manager. Might be a longer year in Houston than first thought.

Broncos 23, Raiders 20: Two teams with storied pasts that are trying to figure out the future.

Terry McCormick